Bobo Towel Absorbant

Bobo Towel Absorbant
Kode Produk: Bobo Towel Absorbant
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Uses Chamois pet wipes : imported special technology manufacturing PVA, PVA with a layer of gauze reinforcement middle Unlike ordinary absorbent cotton towels, super-absorbent without leaving traces, and feel good, non-toxic chemical characteristics. Use better than real chamois towel. when not completely dry to harden, so that bacteria can not breed rapidly and soften water. is essential family pet product price.


[Note] when the first use of this product, please rinse with water again, after use, cleaned ventilated place; volatile dry and hard, to maintain the health of their characteristics. When needed, soaking to soften before use.

[This product features]

1. Water : This suction force is more than five times the ordinary towels, shampoo smear is dry

2. Clean : Clean power is 3 times more than ordinary towels, skin Shuangjie; vacuum suction sewage especially easy to clean;

3. Soft : Soft and delicate touch, comfortable massage the skin role in maintaining the delicate skin, reduce wrinkles;

4. Tough : Tough nature can be tensile, tear, one arrived ten;

5. Deodorant : This product is made from PVA + MIC by antibacterial mildew treatment is made of 100% environmental protection, to prevent bacteria invasion and reproduction;

6. Other : anti-static, lint.

The product of absorbent, after cleaning sweater with the deerskin twice as long as can dry 90% moisture, can also be used to suck try wet carpet and thick clothing: will not damage the clothing of the original fiber , but also to avoid the consequences of long-term wet carpet smell caused by mold and vermin.

Size: 43 X 66 CM

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